Verse Surf

Press Kit

FACT sheet

Developer: Shopsoft SRL

Release Date: November 19, 2020

Platforms: Steam



  • Free to play unlimited games (random playlist)

Time based VIP pass:

  • 1 day pass, $2

  • 1 month pass, $5

  • 3 month pass, 10$

  • 1 year pass, $30

VIP unlocks persks like the ability to choose any playlist, eye candy and more to come.

Availability: Steam

Languages: English

ESRB: The game may contain explicit lyrics if enabled by the user in the options menu, but they are disabled by default.

Press Contact:

Social: YouTube

Instruction Manual: Digital Manual



Verse Surf is a multiplayer party game developed by Shopsoft SRL and published on Steam on November 19, 2020. Verse Surf can be played by 2 to 8 players using their phones as controllers after joining a common game room. The players can be in the same physical room or they can join from different locations using Steam remote play or any other chat app with screen sharing option of their choice.

The game includes numerous music playlists that the players vote to play. They can set 1 to 10 rounds and listen to a fragment of a song, then they have to type and fill in a blank with the lyric(s) from the respective song. They send their own lyric version using their phones, and all players cast their votes in selecting which is the correct lyric(s). The object of the game is to gain points by tricking the other players in voting your version of the lyrics. Points are rewarded for guessing the correct lyric(s) and when the other players vote your version of the lyric(s). The last round is a Speed-Round, players that answer correctly get points for every second remaining on the clock.

Verse Surf offers unlimited games to play for free on Steam with some limitations (random playlist) and you can get VIP passes through in-app purchasing:

  • 1 day pass, $2

  • 1 month pass, $5

  • 3 month pass, $10

  • 1 year pass, $30

Shopsoft SRL is a small game company from Iasi, Romania and consists of two game developers and a small support team of collaborators. They created Verse Surf to embody their love of games, music, and spending time with friends.